Minoxidil Foam vs. Liquid: Which One is Better?

Minoxidil Rogaine is an FDA-approved topical treatment for hair loss. It was first designed to be used for men; however, over the years, both men and women have used this over-the-counter treatment for hair loss due to androgenic alopecia. Minoxidil Rogaine prevents hair loss from happening by slowing down the rate of the shedding. This […]

How Does Lipogaine Work?

Hair loss and male pattern baldness are common issues that affect millions of men of all ages all over the world. While hair loss gets more and more common as we get older, male pattern baldness can begin to develop at any age and can cause problems – often very serious – with confidence and […]

Can I Use Minoxidil To Grow A Beard?

So, can I use Minoxidil To Grow A Beard? The short answer is yes, yes, yes! The scientific evidence so far suggests that four out of five users will benefit from the formula. Minoxidil helps thousands of beard deprived men to get hairy every year. Minoxidil is easy to apply, safe, and gives you a […]

What Is DHT? – Dihydrotestosterone

DHT, or to give it its full name, Dihydrotestosterone, is a naturally occurring metabolite found in the human body and the most common cause of hair loss in both sexes. It’s a chemical derivative of testosterone produced in the prostate glands and testes of men, and in the adrenal glands and hair follicles of both […]

Minoxidil 5% Liquid & Foam Buying Guide For Men

For men who experience hair loss, Minoxidil offers a simple solution. Male pattern baldness, also known as androgenic alopecia, is thought to affect up to 70% of men in the UK, many of whom are looking for a fast, low cost and easy solution. In terms of products worth noting, Minoxidil is available in two […]

Minoxidil For Women, A Guide To Buying Minoxidl For Women

Minoxidil is clinically proven to help prevent hair loss in both men and women. While hair loss is traditionally thought of as a male issue, it is also a common problem for women, and can cause a lack of confidence, embarrassment and depression among sufferers. While we all lose hairs as part of a normal […]