1 Month Supply (1 60g Can, Name Brand by Pfizer) Rogaine 5% Foam for Men

£36.99 £28.95

(x1 60g Can, by Pfizer)

Introducing the First & Only Foam that's FDA Approved to REGROW Hair!

Goes on Easy
Dries Quickly
Use It or Lose It
Drug Facts
New Unscented Version

Our users are reporting a complete lack of irritation with the foam, after years of irritation with the Liquid form. They are also reporting faster drying times, and easier application. The ramifications of this are huge.

More importantly, is the study data. The foam showed an 85% effectiveness rate as compared to 55% in the liquid.
A jump this huge is literally unheard of.

Please note that we cannot ship to Ireland due to Irish Medicines Board restrictions.

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