FOLIGAIN MINOXIDIL 5% HAIR REGROWTH TREATMENT For Men with 5% Trioxidil? (2oz) 59ml 1 Month Supply

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FOLIGAIN MINOXIDIL 5% HAIR REGROWTH TREATMENT For Men with 5% Trioxidil? (2oz) 59ml 1 Month Supply

Original price was: £52.38.Current price is: £34.99.

? Easy-to-apply 5% Minoxidil + Trioxidil hair regrowth topical treatment
? Only FOLIGAIN? Advanced Hair Regrowth Treatment For Men contains Trioxidil?
and Minoxidil for Maximum Performance
? Trioxidil?s triple action targets the main causes of thinning hair
? With high-performance DHT blockers
? Minoxidil is clinically proven to regrow hair and prevent thinning
? Fast & effective hair growth
? Moisture-lock seals in nutrients and restores scalp health
? With clinically studied ingredients
? Not tested on animals
? No parabens, sulfates or phthalates
? Better Value & Same Quality – Compare to Kirkland Signature Minoxidil 5% and Men?s Rogaine?

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FOLIGAIN’s revolutionary topical blend of clinically proven, pure and potent 5% Minoxidil with breakthrough 5% Trioxidil? complex is an effective and unique hair loss solution for men with fine or thinning hair. This powerful blend revitalizes the hair and scalp, inspiring regrowth at a quick pace for visible results.

Male Pattern Baldness occurs when enzymes called 5?-reductases convert healthy testosterone to Dihydrotestosterone (DHT). DHT causes hair follicles to shrink and the growth phase to shorten. Blocking DHT from the scalp it the key to ending hair loss. The next thing you need is a product with the proper ingredients to promote circulation to the scalp, increasing hair growth. The final thing to look for is nutrients to feed the healthy and new hair follicles, so hair will be healthy.

This advanced Trioxidil and Minoxidil formula with powerful Trichogen? and Procapil? works to revitalize hair follicles and help prevent hair loss. These ingredients have gone through rigorous testing and research to ensure the best support for hair growth, scalp health and follicle health. By stimulating the extracellular matrix of the scalp using advanced mechanisms, it helps build the necessary proteins for healthy hair growth and superior hair anchoring, block DHT, and support overall scalp health.

Only FOLIGAIN contains Trioxidil, a triple action anti-thinning complex developed by a team of hair care experts, with bioactive ingredients clinically shown to help revitalize hair and scalp health.

Stronger, Thicker, Fuller Hair
Helps to boost necessary proteins for hair that?s denser and full of body. Proteins are a key element in hair health, providing nutrients to create a shiny, thick head of hair. When each hair follicle is bombarded by the right kind of protein, hair is rejuvenated, creating a more youthful and healthy look.

Targeted Hair Regrowth
Bioactives target the main causes of thinning, helping to fortify follicles from within for younger-looking hair. Thinning subsides quickly and is replaced with regrowth and replenishment!

Helps Improve Scalp Health
A healthy scalp provides the right environment for better hair. Moisture-lock technology seals in nutrients and skin moisture to help reduce irritation and provide a healthy base for new, healthy hairs to grow.

Actual Customer’s Results after 5 Months of use

What is Minoxidil?

Minoxidil was first created as a blood pressure medication but patients began to notice they were growing more hair! With a change of direction, doctors started prescribing minoxidil as a hair-loss supplement that promotes a full, healthy head of hair.

Minoxidil hair treatments are available in 5% or 2% propylene glycol topical solutions. The propylene glycol ensures that the applied minoxidil is spread evenly across the scalp area and effectively absorbed through the skin.

How Does Minoxidil Work?

MINOXIDIL stimulates the scalp area?specifically the deadened hair follicles?which exerts maximum hair growth on the crown of the head for men and women. The exact way Minoxidil stimulates hair follicles is not known, but is suggested that the solution improves blood circulation to the scalp area.

For Best Results
Use together with our Stimulating Shampoo & Conditioner and Stimulating Supplement for Thinning Hair.

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Propylene Glycol, Aqua, Butylene Glycol, Dextran, Acetyl Tetrapeptide-3, Trifolium Pratense (Clover) Flower Extract, Polysorbate 80, Glycerin, Hydrolyzed Jojoba Esters, Citric Acid, Panax Ginseng Root Extract, Arginine, Acetyl Tyrosine, Arctium Majus (Burdock) Root Extract, Hydrolyzed Soy Protein, Polyquaternium-11, PEG-12 Dimethicone, Calcium Pantothenate, Zinc Gluconate, Niacinamide, Ornithine HCl, Citrulline, Glucosamine HCl, Biotin, PPG-26-Buteth-26, PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Apigenin, Oleanolic Acid, Biotinoyl Tripeptide-1, Milk Protein, Lactic Acid, Adenosine, Azelaic Acid, Copper Peptide, Aloe Barbadensis (Aloe Vera) Leaf Extract, Allantoin, Pisum Sativum (Pea) Sprout Extract, Serenoa Serrulata (Saw Palmetto) Fruit Extract, Equisetum Arvense (Horsetail) Extract, Panthenol (Vitamin B5), Lecithin, Retinyl Palmitate (Vitamin A), Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E), Ascorbyl Palmitate (Vitamin C), Cholecalciferol (Vitamin D), Phenoxyethanol.