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Thin or fine hair can be a problem at any stage of life. Naturally occurring fine hair can be difficult to style and can end up looking limp and unattractive just a few hours after washing and styling. In some cases, the problem of fine or thin hair only occurs later in life, or as a result of using harsh or inappropriate styling products, but there is no need to panic. Progaine Volumising Shampoo has been specially formulated to do just what is needed to give your hair more body and volume, leaving it light and looking shiny and healthy again.

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    Progaine Volumizing Shampoo 360ml

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How Does Progaine Work?

Progaine Volumising Shampoo works by gently removing the build-up that some hair products can leave behind on the hair and scalp. In fact, many shampoos and styling products leave fairly heavy deposits on the hair, causing fine or thin hair to become limp and prone to sagging. Progaine removes this build-up, leaving your hair light and ready for styling and your scalp clean and healthy. It works very gently so that it does not dry the hair or scalp and is even safe for use on colour treated hair.

In addition to cleansing the hair and scalp, Progaine’s special formula can penetrate each hair, strengthening it from the inside out. This can create greater volume each time you shampoo, making your hair easier to style and to care for. You will find that using Progaine Volumising Shampoo can give your hair a new start.

How Should I Use Progaine?

Progaine Volumising Shampoo can be used like any ordinary shampoo. First wet your hair and apply Progaine, work up a good lather and then rinse thoroughly. The process can be repeated if needed. The makers of Progaine recommend conditioning your hair with Progaine Weightless conditioner after shampooing for best results. The application of Progaine Volumising Root Lifter can also help to create the light and bouncy style that you are looking for.

Is Progaine Suitable For Me?

Everyone loses some hair every day, usually an average of 50 to 100 hairs, but these are usually replaced by the growth of new hair. If you become aware that you are losing more hair than usual, for example in your hairbrush, on your pillow or in the drain of your shower, it may be that you are beginning to experience hair loss, and this needs to be monitored.

Whilst Progaine creates the optimal conditions for fine or thin hair to grow healthily, it does not contain the special ingredient Minoxidil that promotes re-growth. The researchers at Rogaine who are responsible for the development of Progaine have become experts in the care of thin and fine hair through their work researching products to counteract hair loss. Remember that whilst Progaine is ideal for fine or thin and limp hair, if you notice you are shedding more hair than normal, this may be a sign that you are beginning to experience hair loss and you may need to consider using one of the company’s alternative products containing the special re-growth ingredient.