Rogaine Topical 5%

What is Rogaine 5% Topical Liquid?

Rogaine is a liquid containing Minoxidil, which has a proven effect in stimulating hair follicles to reverse thinning hair. It comes with a dropper applicator, and is applied directly to the scalp in the areas requiring treatment. It can either be applied twice a day, spreading the 1ml dose between morning and night, or applied in a single 1ml dose depending upon your routine.

For both men and women, coping with hair loss can be challenging, especially when it happens prematurely. While common male pattern baldness (MPB) is associated with higher levels of testosterone and masculinity, many men admit that they would do anything to reverse the effects of hair loss if it were possible.

Even though an estimated 85% of men will have thinning hair as they grow older, known as ‘androgenetic alopecia’, premature balding still has a negative effect on confidence. Hair loss can occur for a number of reasons in both sexes, the most common non-genetic ones including illness, medical treatments and stress. Male pattern baldness is thought to be caused by a simple matter of heredity. People with a genetic disposition towards premature hair loss will inevitably have a receding hairline and then progressively thinning hair as they reach a certain age.

The average adult has around 100,000 individual hair strands. From these, it’s completely normal to shed anything up to 120 a day as a normal part of the healthy growth cycle. However, with premature baldness, this amount gradually increases as follicles shrink and enter a resting phase which prevents them from creating new strands.

The good news is, however, there are ways to reverse the genetic or environmental process of thinning hair. A product called ‘Rogaine’ is scientifically proven to slow male pattern baldness, and promote new growth through stimulating flagging follicles. Rather than resorting to drastic or invasive cosmetic procedures to restore hair, such as surgery and transplant, more and more people are turning to Rogaine to reverse the effects of male pattern baldness.

How does it work?

Rogaine’s active ingredient Minoxidil works by stimulating the hair follicles which have shrunk over time, to effectively ‘wake them up’ and encourage them to produce thicker hair. It does this by promoting blood flow to the hair follicle, increasing both the size of the follicle and the diameter of each shaft of hair, resulting in fuller, thicker coverage. It also supports reversal of premature hair loss by prolonging the lifecycle of each follicle, through stimulating it from a resting, to growth phase.

What results can be expected?

Rogaine 5% liquid has been shown to be highly effective through clinical trials. In 80% of users, hair was stimulated to achieve new growth, and prevent the effects of premature baldness. The solution can take up to four months to work, and by applying it daily it’s possible to reverse the effects of early hair loss, and enjoy a full head of healthy, growing hair once again.

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