Spectral DNC-L

Male pattern baldness (MPB) is the genetic condition responsible for 95% of all male hair loss. It starts with a receding hairline and less obviously, thinning around the crown. If it continues to develop, hair loss can be significant. The end stage of MPB is recognisable by a horseshoe crescent of hair around the back of the head. MPB is associated with high levels of testosterone, nutritional deficiencies and a diet high in animal fats.

Managing hair loss

MPB is genetic but you can do something about it. Minoxidil has long been seen as the big gun in the arsenal against MPB. It works by allowing more oxygen, blood, and nutrients to the hair follicle. This causes hairs to enter a new anagen or growing phase that results in hair growth.

Spectral DNC-L Ultimate Hair Growth Formula is a new product containing Minoxidil but unlike other brands of hair loss foam, it is more than just minoxidil. In formulating Spectral DNC-L, all the latest scientific findings have been studied, to bring you a product with significantly better results.

How it works

Scientific studies show, when using Minoxidil alone, 40% of patients experience hair re-growth after 3 to 6 months of application. Spectral DNC-L Ultimate Hair Growth Formula works to raise that percentage by also tackling hormonal and nutritional factors.

Spectral DNC-L Ultimate Hair Growth Formula also contains:

– Procyanidin B-2. This is a selective protein that supports Minoxidil, promotes epithelial cell growth for hair and stimulates the anagen growing phase.
– Phytosterol 5 Alpha-Reductase Inhibitor. 5 Alpha is produced naturally on the scalp but factors such as age and environment can reduce its production. This means that testosterone remains around the hair follicles and contributes to hair loss. Phytosterol 5 Alpha-Reductase Inhibitor is an enzyme which converts testosterone on the scalp into DHT allowing hair to grow again.
– Vitamin and mineral compounds, complex copper peptides, herbal extracts and retinol. These individual ingredients all work together to promote stronger hair and healthier skin. Minoxidil, is a powerful chemical which when used alone can lead to scalp dryness. Ingredients such as copper and retinol ensure that your skin stays healthy and supple without interfering with the success of the treatment. Vitamins and minerals are essential to produce, strong healthy hair.

How it’s used

Spectral DNC-L Ultimate Hair Growth Formula is applied twice daily to the scalp where hair is thinning. Consistency is the key to getting the most out of the treatment. After using, it is important to wash your hands thoroughly and then simply leave it to air dry.

What result to expect

Hair does not grow overnight. Firstly, the various ingredients in Spectral DNC-L Ultimate Hair Growth Formula need time to work on the scalp, after which hair growth will begin. It will probably take least 4 months until you start to see the ‘peach fuzz’ hairs that show that the formula is working. It’s important to mark this timeframe on your calendar in order to help you remember to stick to your routine. As with all products containing Minoxidil, Spectral DNC-L Ultimate Hair Growth Formula works best on areas that have had hair in the last 5 years.