Minoxidil 5% Reviews

Hair loss in adults is extremely widespread and can be down to a number of factors, with the most common being genes. Kirkland & Rogaine Minoxidil 5% is fast becoming one of the most popular hair loss treatments on the market, with thousands of satisfied users now swearing by this fantastic product.

With a 5% concentration of minoxidil, the Kirkland & Rogaine formula is more powerful than the 2% alternatives out there. Another big plus point is that the formula is available in both a foam and a topical solution. This lets you choose which you prefer and which works best for your particular needs. There are a few key differences between the two formulations you should be aware of before making your choice:

Kirkland & Rogaine Minoxidil 5% Topical Solution

The topical solution must be applied using a special applicator. This is supplied with the solution, meaning you can get started with your treatment right away.

Kirkland & Rogaine Minoxidal 5% Foam

The main advantage of the foam formula is that you don’t need any special applicator to apply it. You simply need to massage the foam into your scalp, and keep going until it has all been absorbed.

Foam tends to be the most popular option among customers whose skin is more sensitive. The foam has a faster drying time than the topical solution, meaning the application process is faster.

Who is Kirlkand & Rogaine Minoxidil 5% for?

As with any hair loss treatment, it’s important to research products before you commit to buying to ensure you get the best option for your needs. Kirkland Minoxidil is only designed to work on those whose hair loss is occurring on the top of the scalp. It’s not designed for anyone with frontal baldness or a receding hairline.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the main ingredient in both the foam and topical solution is minoxidil. This is one of the most highly researched hair loss ingredients, and it has been proven to be effective in a number of studies. In one particular study, nearly 1,000 participants experiencing male pattern baldness applied a 5% minoxidil formula twice a day on the affected area. At the end of the study, 62% of the participants displayed reduced hair loss.

Another study involved just under 750 men who were also experiencing male pattern baldness, and this study ended with 67% of participants reporting reduced hair loss. Therefore, while minoxidil will not work for everyone experiencing male pattern baldness, it has been found to work in up to one-third of cases.

Pros and cons of Kirkland & Rogaine Minoxidil 5%


– Minoxidil has been scientifically proven to work at concentrations of 5% in a number of clinical trials.
– Kirkland & Rogaine Minoxidil 5% has been heavily reviewed online, making it easy to find reliable reviews of the product.
– It is extremely affordable when compared with other similar products.
– Many users experience positive results within two months of beginning treatment.


– As the only ingredient in the product is minoxidil, it might not have as high a success rate as alternatives that also contain various vitamins, minerals and DHT blockers.
– It requires continuous use to maintain any reduction in hair loss, but this is true of all minoxidil products.
– It’s only suitable for those with hair loss at the top of the scalp. Other products are recommended for those with hair loss in other areas.

Here are some quotes from some of the fantastic recent reviews Kirkland & Rogaine Minoxidil 5% users have written:

“This is WELL worth it. Have seen an improvement after the first 3 weeks of use! Highly recommend it!” T.P.

“Yep, it works. I am 38, 5 months in. No dread shed, my hair actually stopped shedding immediately making my hair feel thicker and I have lots of baby hairs, probably an inch long at least.” Cynthia

“Worked like magic to restore my hairline. Takes a couple months to really see the difference. Used it for 18 months now. Wife loves it.” Rob

“Guys always seem unsure, but this product works if you apply it right and exercise patience. It took almost three months to see results. Remember, hair isn’t grass that sprouts fast and needs mowing once a week. I’ve been using this product for nearly seven months and I couldn’t be happier. The first two months I applied everyday, then I applied it liberally every other day (sometimes everyday) and after showering. This really works.” Sam

“I have been using Kirkland 5% for Men Minoxidil for 1 solid year. I started noting results after using it twice a day, am & pm at 3 months into it. One year later, my hair is fuller, thicker (so says my hair person). My widows peak is also fuller where it had started to get very thin and almost not there.I have always put it around the frame of where I personally was missing hair and then into the scalp where hair wasn’t as full volume as it was and rubbing it in well. The instructions do say to wash hands thoroughly after using, which I do and recommend that you do as well.” Paula

“I put this on twice a day on both the crown where my hair is thinning and most everywhere on the beard area of my face. After 4 weeks I’ve already found that fine hairs are coming in thicker now and new hairs are starting. I’m really excited to continue using this. Be mindful that this contains alcohol, so treat your beard with a balm or oil before treating your face.” Art

“I started using Rogaine when my hair started thinning on top (age 51). I used the foam which is easy to apply. Since I have been using it, my hair has come back and I have a full head of hair. I am very satisfied with this product – the only side effect is that my facial hair grows faster also.” Doug