Minoxidil 5% Liquid & Foam Buying Guide For Men


For men who experience hair loss, Minoxidil offers a simple solution. Male pattern baldness, also known as androgenic alopecia, is thought to affect up to 70% of men in the UK, many of whom are looking for a fast, low cost and easy solution. In terms of products worth noting, Minoxidil is available in two main over-the-counter products, aimed specifically at men; Rogaine and Kirkland.

So What is Minoxidil?

Minoxidil is an antihypertensive vasodilator medication. It works by slowing the loss of hair and also by promoting growth. It is applied topically, normally twice a day and is made into both gel and foam products, although in some instances it can be taken orally. Although Minoxidil is now off-patent which means a number of manufacturers are making use of it, there are two main players on the market for men, Rogaine and Kirkland Minoxidil. The science behind this wonder treatment is fairly complicated, and involves opening potassium channels by widening blood vessels, this makes it easier for oxygen, nutrients and blood to reach the follicles.



Rogaine is one of the best-known solutions for hair loss that is currently on the market. Rogaine is made with a 5% solution of Minoxidil. One of the benefits of choosing this product is the types of solution it comes in. It can be applied using either a gel or a foam. The foam is really popular as it can be applied easily and leaves a dry look. It’s also completely unscented making it entirely discreet. On average one 60g can of foam offers one month’s supply. Customers can generally save money by buying bulk with packs of up two, three, six, nine or 12 months’ supply. The main benefit of using Rogaine is that it’s the most widely sold product on the market and thus easy to get hold of.

Kirkland Minoxidil


Kirkland is also made with a 5% solution of Minoxidil. It now also comes in a foam solution which, once again, is the most popular choice for men. The foam dries easily and leaves a dry, rather than a wet looking style. It is also completely unscented. Both of these two popular product types need to be applied twice daily for best effect. Kirkland also comes in a wide range of pack sizes with options from one month to 12 months available. The benefit of buying less is that it’s easier to budget and keeps your stock as fresh as possible, but by buying more you do save money and you’re less likely to run out and interrupt treatment whilst you wait for another delivery. The main benefit of using Kirkland Minoxidil is that is offers great value for money in comparison to similar products.

Minoxidil is found to promote hair growth in a large number of men who use it and is the most popular option out there for good reason. Both of these two major brands are simple to apply and offer significant improvements over time.