Can I Use Minoxidil To Grow A Beard?


So, can I use Minoxidil To Grow A Beard? The short answer is yes, yes, yes!

The scientific evidence so far suggests that four out of five users will benefit from the formula. Minoxidil helps thousands of beard deprived men to get hairy every year. Minoxidil is easy to apply, safe, and gives you a long lasting, healthy beard.

The downside? There isn’t really one, unless you have no patience. For some, Minoxidil starts to have an effect in just a few weeks. For others, it takes a few months. As long as you hang in there, though, you will be sure to go from smooth-faced to bearded before you know it.

The lowdown

Firstly, do your research before you purchase. Most Minoxidil manufacturers are genuine and bona fide. Minoxidil can be found marketed as Rogaine, or Kirkland.

As long as it says 5% Minoxidil on the bottle, it will do the trick. The only thing to avoid is Minoxidil with added DHT blockers. Believe us, you don’t want to exclude this vital androgen, if you are looking to flaunt that facial hair.

What exactly is Minoxidil?

Minoxidil is, of course, a drug. It has few serious side effects, and those it does have are experienced rarely and mildly. Known as a vasodilator, it acts in the body by widening the blood vessels. This vascular dilation also allows hair follicles to dilate and become more efficient and productive.

What are the side effects?

The main side effect experienced by people who are using Minoxidil to grow a beard is skin dryness. This may not develop at first – indeed, many men have reported better skin in the first few weeks of use, because the dryness inhibits acne formation. However, even the oiliest skins will succumb to dryness in the end. The use of a good moisturiser, however, will alleviate the problem, and as long as you maximise your water intake, your skin should be just fine. Other side effects reported with Minoxidil use include heart palpitations, insomnia, bloating, excessive hair growth, overeating, headaches and temporary hair shedding.

Temporary hair shedding?

Doesn’t this defeat the point of using a drug to promote hair growth? No, not at all! As your hair follicles become more productive, you will initially shed some hair. This is because your follicles have finally cranked into action, and you are experiencing an “out with the old, in with the new” scenario. The old hair will soon be replaced by your brand new shiny beard.

How do I apply Minoxidil?

You can buy it as a liquid or a foam. Normally, it is recommended that you use 1ml twice a day, with 8-12 hours between applications. You will need to wash your face first, and it is recommended that you leave the Minoxidil on for four hours after application. It is fine to leave it on overnight, though, and many men do. You continue using the product until your beard hair has gone “terminal”, meaning thick, wiry and beardlike.

**Please always consult a doctor before starting on Minoxidil, or try at your own risk.***